Aronia Juice - Cold Pressed



100% cold-pressed aronia juice, without added sugars, water or additives

Recommended dose 30-50ml daily

Only a 50ml daily dose will provide you the proven medical health benefits of this super berry. Aronia contains a high concentration of antioxidants because of its large amounts of tannins, flavonoids and anthocyanins. Thanks to its ability to eliminate free radicals that cause healthy cells to mutate, it increases the general health of your organism and protects your blood vessels. Be sure to include aronia juice in your detox program and boost your immunity today!

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100% cold-pressed
Aronia Juice


Aronia is rich in iron, calcium, copper, iodine. On the vitamins side, aronia has C, P, PP, B6, B2, E and provitamin A. It also contains sorbitol, a rare fruit sugar, which can also be used by diabetics.

Aronia is especially distinguished by the amount of antioxidants that are very important for strengthening immunity and are your best ally in the fight against free radicals, which are a cause for many cancerous diseases. 100g of this ripe fruit contains 16,100 ORAC units, while the daily need for tissue protection is from 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC units. They say it is the healthiest food in the world, a food of the future, a superfood; an aronia berry is all that.

Why our Aronia juice?

We made this juice from aronia berries grown consistent with the preparations allowed in organic production, by the process of cold pressing, without the addition of water, sugar or additives, in order to be able to preserve all the nutrients of the super berry. Start your day with one shot glass of aronia and you will satisfy your body’s daily need for antioxidants.

100% natural without added water, sugar or additives.

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