Plum products – main advantages:

Bio Marni plum products contain an unbelievable 90% fruit per jar and our chocolate plum spread contains an even higher amount of 95% fruit per jar.
Our plum based salsas and spreads are obtained from local certified farms which contain rich soil suitable for harvesting high quality plums.
Our plum and chocolate spread combination contains no added sugar and is suitable for individuals that are cautious on their sugar intake.
Our plum and aronia spread & salsa combination creates a salivating flavor full of incredible nutritional benefits. Try this tasty spread and maintain your healthy lifestyle!
Our plum spreads and salsas combine very well with other specialities such as pitas, muffins and cakes. Pour over your favorite meats, cheeses or bread and enjoy our 100% natural spreads and salsas.


All buyers in Serbia who purchase more than 4000 RSD have free shipping.

For a total value of under 4000 RSD, buyers pay delivery based on the packaging weight as well as the postal price.

Delivery to foreign countries

Foreign buyers (not from Serbia) pay shipping costs calculated on the check-out, based on the total weight of the ordered items. Buyers also pay all customs taxes based on their specific country's fees.

Method of payment

1. Cash on delivery (only Serbia)

2. In advance according to a pro-forma invoice we will send to your e-mail address (only Serbia)

3. Pay online with credit or debit card

Uskoro Funkcionalni napici BOOSTERS

Od 25.4.2022., moći ćete da naručite preko BioMarni sajta nove proizvode koje smo razvijali godinu dana. Od hladno ceđenog super voća, obogaćeni vitaminima i mineralima fokusirani da doprinesu specifičnoj funkciji vašeg organizma.  

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