Apricot products

Indulge in our incredibly delicious apricot spreads. Try out our traditional apricot spread with low sugar or our special apricot spread mixed with honey and no added sugar. Pick either one, you will not make a mistake!

All-natural apricot products:

Our apricot honey spread has no added sugar. It contains only naturally present sugar, so add this spread to your healthy diet!
Our apricot spreads are made with 1st class fruits based on our authentic family recipe.
Apricots are a great source of Vitamin C. Enjoy our apricot spreads while not feeling guilty!
Our fantastic apricot spread contains real fruit pieces which makes every bite as close to the original fruit as possible.
Our apricot honey spread contains only two simple ingredients! Apricots and sugar or apricots and honey. No conservatives or other additives to ruin your experience and dull the taste.


All buyers in Serbia who purchase more than 4000 RSD have free shipping.

For a total value of under 4000 RSD, buyers pay delivery based on the packaging weight as well as the postal price.

Delivery to foreign countries

Foreign buyers (not from Serbia) pay shipping costs calculated on the check-out, based on the total weight of the ordered items. Buyers also pay all customs taxes based on their specific country's fees.

Method of payment

1. Cash on delivery (only Serbia)

2. In advance according to a pro-forma invoice we will send to your e-mail address (only Serbia)

3. Pay online with credit or debit card

Uskoro Funkcionalni napici BOOSTERS

Od 25.4.2022., moći ćete da naručite preko BioMarni sajta nove proizvode koje smo razvijali godinu dana. Od hladno ceđenog super voća, obogaćeni vitaminima i mineralima fokusirani da doprinesu specifičnoj funkciji vašeg organizma.  

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