What is BioMarni

BioMarni is a green platform helping to create natural and nutritious products that promote a healthy lifestyle. We are a young family business with a clear vision. We achieve our vision by following three principles: quality, environment and community.

How it all began

It all started in a small picturesque village on our family-owned farm. This beautiful piece of land turned into our project with the goal in creating an organic farm without the use of polluting pesticides and herbicides.

After our detailed market research activities, we came across a unique antioxidant super berry called the Aronia Berry (Chokeberry). As we learned about its wide variety of health benefits, our minds were set and we planted 5000 aronia trees! As the aronia berry grew and flourished, we started producing juices, jams and liquors from this "health booster" and shared our enthusiasm with our close-knit community to support an organic way of life. As time went by, all our family members stepped in by adding new, fun and creative ideas to help develop these products on an even larger scale. This led to an expansion where this small farm transformed into a health-driven, organic and environmentally-friendly operating business.

Little did we know, BioMarni was born!

Today, BioMarni is a family-owned business that produces a range of healthy high-quality products in its environmentally friendly facility by using the same family recipes that have been passed down from previous generations.

The Farm

Within our company, we own a farm with an abundance of aronia berries, or chokeberries. As we are in process obtaining organic certification, we grow aronia consistent with the preparations allowed in organic production, helping us grow healthy, large, quality berries.

Get to know Us

Ljiljana Milovanovic
Our Inspiration

Ljiljana Milovanović

Dr of Pharmacy Science, Quality Control Specialist
Marko Ilic
Our Strength

Marko Ilić

MSc of Sustainable Development, Founder & CEO
Nina Novakovic
Our Creative Mind

Nina Novaković

BSc of Architecture, Founder & Creative Director
Marija Milovanovic
Our Guide Through Life

Marija Milovanović

MSc of Special Education, Marketing & Sales Manager
Milan Milovanovic
Our Mechanism

Milan Milovanović

BSc of Economy, Logistics Manager
Snezana Milovanovic
Our Mover

Snežana Milovanović

Mechanical Technician, Production Manager
Luka Ilic
Our Consultant

Luka Ilić

BSc of Marketing and Information Technology, Consultant

Uskoro Funkcionalni napici BOOSTERS

Od 25.4.2022., moći ćete da naručite preko BioMarni sajta nove proizvode koje smo razvijali godinu dana. Od hladno ceđenog super voća, obogaćeni vitaminima i mineralima fokusirani da doprinesu specifičnoj funkciji vašeg organizma.  

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